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August 29, 2022

A new era of currencies and spending has arrived and is taking on the world by storm. Slowly engulfing transactions to be made through internet money and trade.

Here are a few things you need to know about how cryptocurrencies have already penetrated the real estate market worldwide, including Dubai.

Aqarchain.io the leader in Pro-Tech, Fintech, Real Estate and hybrid real estate investment, showcased the first global blockchain-powered real estate crowdfunding marketplace, where investing in real estate is as easy as investing in shares on the stock market.

They’ve presented at the first global blockchain platform to offer fractional NFT for properties during the Future Blockchain Summit in Dubai, UAE held in conjunction with Gitex 2021.

On the other hand, Bitcoin and Etherium are also accepted in Dubai as a form of payment in buying properties and/or real estate.

According to the US famous magazine “Business Insider”, 50 luxury apartments were sold in Dubai for Bitcoin in 2018, marking the first real estate transaction for a cryptocurrency in the UAE. In Q4 2017.

This is an example of how crypto commerce & blockchain are getting into everyday life. The UAE and Dubai in particular want to take maximum advantage of this opportunity, especially since transactions in this format are safe, legal and free of paper-based red tape.

According to builtin.com, there are also 21 Blockchain Companies Boosting the Real Estate Industry. Besides helping the traditional real estate industry, blockchain is also being adopted by the burgeoning property-sharing sector.

The buying process in the United Arab Emirates is quite easy. First, contact our company to find the preferred property. Then confirm the purchase and buy the property in Dubai with bitcoin. That’s it, the property is purchased.

Many Real Estate Developers sell their properties for cryptocurrency, including Emaar, Dubai Properties, Select Group and Sobha. Most of the popular residential compounds offer apartments in Dubai for sale for Bitcoin, such as Marina Gate, District One.

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